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Forklift Rental

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Why choose Forklift Rental from Granite?



Choose your forklift rental from our wide selection of lift equipment.


Trusted Source

Granite has been a trusted source for materials handling equipment for decades.


Options and Service

Granite has an extensive rental fleet, ranging from forklifts, aerial lifts, LP, electric, diesel or gas, we have the unit you need.

Having dedicated technicians that guarantee priority service for our rental fleet means less down-time and improved productivity


LP, gas diesel, electric, pneumatic or cushion, we have the forklift rental you need. Whether you need quad-stage masts, manual pallet jacks, or narrow aisle forklifts.


3,000lb to 15,000lbs.


Daily, weekly, monthly and long-term forklift rental. agreements.


Ask about our rental purchase program.


We delivery using our own roll-back to ensure timely delivery of your forklift rental.

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No matter the size or type of company, if you’re in the material handling business, eventually you’ll come across the need for a forklift! From narrow-isle lifts to large, heavy duty machinery, the ability to move materials in a quick and safe fashion will not only increase your productivity, but also keep your employees healthy and safe. Granite Industrial is here to help with all of your material handling needs and to get you the short-term or long-term forklift rentals that are the right fit for your company’s specific needs! Give us a call today, or fill out the form above to get started! We’ll be happy to give recommendations for equipment that will suit your company’s requirements, timetable and budget, and keep your business moving!